Skype is a videoconferencing service that can be run from desktops, lapts, smartphones, or tablets. It’s free to use for fewer then...

Features: Screen sharing, Videoconferencing


This is Yale’s file sharing solution. Each user has 50 GB of storage space, and the maximum file size is 5 GB.

Features: File Sharing
Type of tool: Social Media

Google+ is Google’s social media platform: their answer to Facebook.

Users can create a profile, create or join Communities, post...

Features: Blogging, Forums and discussion, Peer-to-peer messaging

CoursePress is Yale’s blogging platform dedicated to supporting students enrolled in Yale courses. 

CoursePress continues the...

Features: Blogging, Email messaging, Forums and discussion, Live messaging, Assignment submission, Tests, quizzes, and surveys, Social Media Platform, Web Publishing, Wiki

Online survey building and data collection/analysis

Features: Tests, quizzes, and surveys

Google Classroom is the web giant’s extremely lightweight LMS (Learning Management System). Functionality is limited to adding...

Features: Communication, Forums and discussion, Assignment submission

Microsoft PowerPoint is the classic presentation software, and is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Features include screen recording,...

Features: Screen capture, Polling and clickers

Adobe Connect is a robust videoconferencing platform that allows dozens of users to communicate and collaborate with live, web-based video or...

Features: Screen sharing, Communication, Videoconferencing, Whiteboard
Type of tool: Videoconferencing

Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing platform. It allows you to create online meetings and integrate group messaging simply and easily.


Features: Screen sharing, Live messaging, Videoconferencing